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Why do I get payment error?

The most frequent reasons for being in a payment error situation are:

-I do not have enough balance in my paypal account.
-The data of my account and / or cards associated with my Paypal account are outdated.
-I do not have enough funds in my bank account and / or card.
-I am trying to make the payment through Redsys with a card that is not Visa / Mastercard / American Express (cards accepted)

Well, for most of the cases the solution is easy and intuitive, for the rest, keep reading that you will surely find what you are looking for =)

The following information can also be found in "About card payment in Redsys"

At Embarazatest we accept card payments through our own Redsys payment gateway or through the Paypal payment gateway without the need to create an account.

What cards can I use to pay through Redsys?

Our payment gateway Redsys only accepts Visa / Mastercard / American Express, one of the most common reasons when you try to make a purchase and you get payment error, is to try to make the payment with a card not supported by our system. If you are going to make the payment with Redsys, remember to check that you have a Visa, Mastercard or American Express card

How can I make the payment if I do not have a Visa card?

If you do not have a Visa / Mastercard / American Express card and you want to pay with another card, you can choose to pay through the Paypal payment gateway if you need to create a Paypal account!
For years, Paypal has provided this system in order to streamline the payment process, simply choose Paypal payment method and then you will be directed to the Paypal website, choose the option "Do not have a Paypal account?", Enter the data of your card and concludes the payment.

Important considerations

When you make a card payment through Paypal without an account, there is the possibility that Paypal makes a temporary retention of approximately US $ 1 for verification of the card's authenticity, the amount withheld will be returned after approximately 15 days .
Remember that for us it is impossible to order the payment of an amount with your data, since they are encrypted and are used by payment systems that are foreign to ours, which is why we have no relationship with the security system used by Paypal , although, as always you can count on us to try to solve any problem you have;)

Any question, do not hesitate to contact!

Payment by card in Paypal without an account