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Why use ovulation test?

Ovulation tests are an extremely important and essential tool in the search for pregnancy. This type of test is able to detect the precise moment in which the woman releases more luteinizing hormone or LH, and thus determine when is the most fertile time of the cycle.
Ovulation tests contain a reagent that detects the LH hormone that the body generates, the increase in LH levels indicates the time prior to ovulation, it is estimated that when the test is positive, ovulation takes place from 24 to 36 hours after.
A very sensitive ovulation test can lead to confusion, because there is a possibility that the test will detect a quantity of LH (luteinizing hormone) sufficient to test positive, without being in the peak of LH in the body, for this reason that in Embarazatest we have determined that the adequate sensitivity for a correct diagnosis is 20 miu / ml.

It is important to follow the instructions for using a diagnostic test, you just need to perform some tests to become an expert in self-diagnosis, since these types of tests are very easy to use and give an excellent result, as long as use correctly;)

Instructions and advice

To perform the ovulation test correctly, it is necessary to have a container to hold urine. Once the envelope is opened, you will find inside the test and a gel pack to avoid moisture (discard it). It is important to know that once the envelope is opened, the test must be used immediately! We should not use a test that has been exposed to ambient humidity for too long.

1- Introduce the test vertically in the urine to the mark that is indicated by arrows in the part opposite to the grip of the test, that is, the green subject.

2- Leave it inserted around 15 seconds, you will see how the test changes color as the urine rises.

3- Remove it from the urine and leave it on a clean, dry surface in a horizontal position, the result will appear in just a few seconds.


-If the control line (which is closest to the green test fastening tape) does not check the test is not valid, performs another.
-If the result line is of the same intensity as the control line, it is positive.
-If the result line is more intense than the control line, the test is also positive.


As you can see, the steps to follow are very simple, here are a couple of considerations you should have:

1- Never wet the test above the aforementioned line, if you submerge more or completely, you will not get a reliable result.

2- I'm sorry to be heavy but do not use a test that has been out of your envelope for too long;)

3- Do not twist or test the test.

4- Do not expose the test to high temperatures or humidity, they are sensitive to these two conditions.

5- Periodically we control the functioning and marking of our tests, but it should be noted that you do not have to use a test that is expired, the expiration information will be found in black letters on the back of the envelope of each test.

When to start performing the ovulation tests?

A good time to start performing the ovulation test is 11 days from the first day of your last rule (if you are regular) if you are irregular, you must calculate the day with our table, the attachment with this information, but you can also find it in the description of any of our ovulation or mixed packs.

ovulation table

The time of the day is also important, we recommend doing the test two hours after getting up in the morning and at the same time the next day, this way you will perform the test when there is a higher concentration of LH in your body and you can also compare the levels with the days after and after.

Ex: if you get up at 8 am, perform the test at 10 am and at that same time every day you touch.

When we approach the peak of ovulation, that is, when the result line begins to have the same intensity as the control line, it is advisable to perform two tests per day, for example one at 10 am and another at 18 pm, this is necessary due to the possibility of having the peak of LH from only a few hours, in this way we avoid losing the moment of detection.

One last consideration

The ideal time to conceive is from 24 to 36 hours after the positive! It is very good to have relationships before and / or after, it is clear that we increase the chances of getting pregnant, but the moment of greatest possibility of conceiving is 24 to 36 hours after the positive;)


As always, remember that any questions or doubts that you have, you only have to write us through email, chat or whatsapp, you can also send us fotis =)

Thank you very much for putting up with the tostón and I hope the information was useful